Experiences with Hosters

The following article series shall show my personal experiences with different hosting services. In the course of time I have tried out many providers, some of them - partly due to dissatisfaction, partly due to lack of need - I have left again. Disclaimer: However, I can only refer to what was - it is quite possible that points of criticism may no longer exist today!

Published on 11/16/2015, updated on 10/12/2018

  • first-root
    First-Root is a provider for VPS, domains and web hosting based in Düsseldorf (Germany).
  • internetworx
    Internetworx is a domain name provider based in Berlin (Germany)
  • ispone-business
    ispOne Business is a provider for VPS, webhosting, root servers and domains based in Ettenheim (Germany).
  • netcup
    NetCup Business is a provider for VPS, Webhosting and Rootserver based in Karlsruhe (Germany).
  • nitrado
    Nitrado is a VPS and root server provider specializing in game servers. Own Frontends facilitate the operation of appropriate services. Nitrado is based in Karlsruhe (Germany).
  • server4you
    Server4You is a provider of VPS- and Rootservers based in Cologne (Germany)
  • sipgate
    sipgate is a provider of VoIP / SIP services based in Düsseldorf (Germany).
  • uberspace
    Uberspace is a shared hosting provider based in Mainz (Germany).