Nitrado is a VPS and root server provider specializing in game servers. Own Frontends facilitate the operation of appropriate services. Nitrado is based in Karlsruhe (Germany).

Published on 11/16/2015, updated on 11/16/2015

I have always only used Nitrado for short periods of time - not so much because I was dissatisfied with the service, on the contrary, actually it "fits". But I don't have much permanent need for fun, in my case they were Minecraft servers - and, well optimized, they were offered by Nitrado.

The web interfaces were good, and you could easily exchange data with the server via FTP, which was apparently comparable to a VPS - but quite abstract, almost ideal for the beginner who doesn't want to configure anything broken.

Even finished mod packages - for example Bukkit - were offered by Nitrado at that time, everything was easily clickable together - and I was also satisfied with the performance.

I also evaluated the Teamspeak servers from Nitrado and found nothing to complain about, although I was far from calling myself a "power user". For me this server was just a gimmick.

In 2016 I booked a Factorio server with Nitrado as part of my discovery of the game Factorio. On the performance side I really couldn't complain, for my small vServer at another hoster the game was definitely too much in the long run. Unfortunately Nitrado decided to offer only stable releases - for a game that is in active development and regularly releases feature updates in the unstable branch, which you would like to have, this was a bit unfavorable.

The payment is pleasantly uncomplicated via a prepaid credit account regulated - if it is all, the server is automatically switched off and deleted after 14 days.



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