NetCup Business is a provider for VPS, Webhosting and Rootserver based in Karlsruhe (Germany).

Published on 11/16/2015, updated on 03/17/2019

I became aware of NetCup through a friend of many years. After some consideration and a support request I decided to book a small package there - this was on 28.02.2015 - just because of the serious answer.
Unusual: A verification by phone takes place within 5 minutes after sending the order (which probably doesn't necessarily happen) - and shortly afterwards my vServer - a "Root Server S v6" - was already activated.

After more than three quarters of a year my VM has only been restarted once by the provider - and only because the host had to be restarted for an update. I was surprised when I was informed on 29.07.2015 about a security problem in connection with preconfigured images of netcup in connection with the software "Froxlor". Very praiseworthy, also or maybe even exactly because I use neither Froxlor nor the NetCup images, it tells me that nobody there checks what I actually do with the VPS.

I particularly like the fact that the hosting takes place via Kernel Virtual Machine - and also provides a KVM remote control solution. The admin panel allows you to do a lot of configuration - boot order, hardware variations and much more. - up to uploading your own ISO images, from which you can then boot. It is also possible to set up servers without an SSH connection, which can be in the interest of the administrator. The KVM ("VNC") reacts extremely fast - it is obviously the software guacamole that abstracts VNC so that it does not leave the data center.

On the performance side, I have been very satisfied so far, which means that this website is now also hosted on a VPS at NetCup.



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