Server4You is a provider of VPS- and Rootservers based in Cologne (Germany)

Published on 11/16/2015, updated on 11/16/2015

I used Server4You only briefly, from 28.10.2013 to 02.03.2014, with a vServer Pro X5.

Unfortunately, I was not really satisfied with the service, for which there were several reasons:

  • The offered software was partly very old - I used CentOS 6 there, that seemed to be the most acceptable.
    Ubuntu 10.04 was simply too old for me
  • In the virtualization software of the company I could obviously trigger a bug with a PHP script (sic!), which caused the host to crash regularly after a few hours.
  • In the standard configuration, I didn't get a DNS server via DHCP - which, of course, would cause update mechanisms of the operating system to run against the wall, for example.

I can therefore only notice the very favourable prices. The question that remains is: Is it worth it?



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