Internetworx is a domain name provider based in Berlin (Germany)

Published on 11/16/2015, updated on 10/12/2018

I have been using InterNetworx (inwx) very, very, very long as a hosting partner for my DNS concerns. My first invoice was dated 10/31/2010, but I had already been served via inwx via a reseller - and I don't intend to look for a new provider for this.

Basically, inwx offers everything you want - from the registration of domains to the detailed configuration of DNS zones, no wish remains unfulfilled.

Especially nice, even if it can be annoying at times, I feel the renewal reports; because inwx automatically extends domains by default and informs about costs incurred.

Billing takes place via credit that can be recharged in a variety of ways, including PayPal, for example.



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