05/27/2018 - Japan Day North Rhine-Westphalia

2018 I was again at the Japan-Tag NRW and took pictures of cosplayers, but also of the stage program, despite the general insecurity of the DSGVO.

Published on 05/27/2018, updated on 05/27/2018

I did it again - and, after a short break in 2017, I visited the Japan Day NRW again!
This took place in Düsseldorf on 26 May 2018 - and was again a welcome invitation for a hobby photographer like me to train my hobby. Out of nearly 2,000 recordings I chose the best ones I think I present here.

Since I was asked several times for the pictures, they are - grouped according to the individual events - here callable and free and free of charge under the conditions of the Creative Commons CC BY 3.0-License usable. This means that my name must be kept in connection with the image; this is already achieved by not cutting away the watermark left on the images.

On request I will also be happy to publish individual, unedited originals without watermarks; contact me for this simply, preferably by e-mail and absolutely send the names of the desired images


On Japan Day there were countless great cosplays!
Some I have seen, I have photographed here!

Japanese Kindergarten

The Japanese kindergarten presented a mixture of drumming and dancing; it was simply sweet to watch the children.

EKŌ Kindergarten

The German-Japanese EKŌ kindergarten mixed elements of dance with singing; I was impressed by how serious their cause was.

Taiko Kids

My personal highlight this year were the Taiko kids; they drummed the traditional Japanese drum and set the beat on Japan Day.

Japanese International School Düsseldorf

The Japanese International School Düsseldorf was represented with two events - on the one hand with its choir, which also invited to participate, as well as with the wind ensemble in combination with members of the Japanese club, which has also been represented in recent years.

Hanayagi Tomokinu & Watanabe Dance Group

The Hanayagi Tomokinu & Watanabe dance group was the last event of Japan Day that I attended. Here classical Japanese dance was performed, by the honourable Hanayagi Tomokinu - I have the greatest respect for this woman and what she does - as well as her students, who rehearse the dances in regular courses under her guidance. It seems as if she leaves nothing, but really nothing at all, to coincidence. She is undoubtedly a master of her profession.

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