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Published on 11/16/2015, updated on 03/17/2019

At I have been a customer for a very long time - the first invoice I found was from 04 November 2010, and I have used many services of the provider over time and was even satisfied most of the time.

My first package at ispone was the vServer L with 20 Gigabyte hard disk capacity and traffic flat. Basically, I liked the offer so much that on the same day (sic!) I booked the then largest package, the vServer XXL with 100 gigabyte hard disk capacity, in addition.

The provider has a - obviously self-developed - customer center as well as - also self-developed - control for the vServers, which allows rudimentary operations - starting, restarting, stopping, reinstalling and the possibility to boot into a rescue system, which is then ready via SSH. Still in the first month - on 27.11.2010 - the first problem appeared; the vServer did not react any more and, what was fatal about it: also the vServer control in the customer center did not react to any of my entries. The answer from support was given on 29.11. in the morning hours - support over the weekend didn't seem to take place at that time.

There were no further problems; only the strangely pre-configured images of the vServers proved to be problematic, especially the local settings are very much aimed at Windows clients, beyond that the images are relatively old. I also noticed the very negative memory quota of 512 MB - I didn't think it was up to date already in 2010, often it was annoyingly noticeable. Fortunately, you can order larger contingents against a one-time payment of 128 MB each via support, this is relatively fast and uncomplicated. Until my vServer cancellation on 04.11.2011, after about one year of use, there were no further problems, apart from some minor breakdowns; once it runs, it runs quite satisfactorily. I found the performance to be okay, I only experienced it on 1-2 days in this period that the performance was not okay (i.e. despite low utilization of the guest system calculations sometimes took forever - possibly due to too high load by other VMs / the host system). Only with network internal data traffic I was not quite happy - often I reached only 4-5 MByte/s data throughput.

On 28.05.2011 I felt for many reasons the necessity to dedicate myself to the Managed Webhosting offers of the provider - there I ordered the Webhosting package, which I used up to now - package L with 14GB storage space. When I wanted to configure my package a few days later, on 02.06.2011, I was startled, because I suddenly got to see strange data. The support took care of the problem relatively fast and the problem was solved on 06.06.2011.
In the web package you also have access to a specially trained admin interface, which allows you to configure the web server (domains/subdomains, SSL certificates, error pages, password protection via basic-auth), the e-mail package (mailboxes and e-mail address mapping, autoresponder), the databases (MySQL incl. phpmyadmin, PostgreSQL, incl. pgadmin and MariaDB incl. phpmyadmin), FTP (user administration and quota management) as well as the choice of the PHP CGI module to be used. In addition, quick installations of Wordpress and Contao are also available, as well as a WebFTP system and a Roundcube installation as an e-mail web interface - there is a lot on offer here.
Without my request, a statistic based on the server logs is also created. For this awstats is used; the customer support, which I consulted on 16.08.2015, mentioned that this could be deactivated soon in the Admincenter; until today this is not possible.
On a positive note, the database is located on servers other than web hosting; there seems to be some balancing going on here. Also, not all databases of a customer are necessarily on the same database server.

On 17.07.2012 I finally wanted to have a root server - I chose the package "XL".
Praiseworthy: Obviously due to delivery difficulties I was provided with an older system - to familiarize myself with the circumstances - with which I could "play around". The contract did not start until the right hardware was provided.
The only negative thing I noticed was the KVM solution, because SuperMicro's IPMI is used, which can be used under Linux via a Java applet - but it does not integrate very well. The response times were reminiscent of common VNC - so it wasn't very fast, but it was a bit of a pain. More critically, I felt that I didn't want to encourage the KVM system to cooperate at first; mouse and keyboard didn't want to be transferred - I was just surprised that the corresponding devices weren't displayed via lsusb either, although IPMI is probably connected as USB-HID. Shortly afterwards, the service informed me that - out of habitual routine, since this is what you do with your own servers - the USB support on the server was deactivated and therefore it didn't work, of course the support was reactivated.
When I realized that I was not using so much power, I cancelled the package on 17.11.2012 - as usual, the cancellation went without a hitch.

ispone accepts payments by PayPal as well as by bank transfer (prepayment). In the latter case, it is obviously also possible to transfer the corresponding sums in advance - on receipt of payment, a corresponding settlement and extension of contract took place unsolicited, which I must note positively.

So what moves me away from ispone, after most of the time I was rather satisfied?
As No-Go I felt a total failure of the service from 01.10. to 04.10.2014, which was not justified with a word. Also corresponding support inquiries remained unanswered. Even the company page was temporarily offline during this period.
During this period I also noticed that apparently operates under a different name - "Nodeeps - corporate hosting & service" - with the same imprint address and managing director, but apparently with a different target group; apparently this offer is primarily aimed at resellers.



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