Privacy policy

Information on whether and which data are collected from visitors to this website and how they are processed

Published on 05/18/2018, updated on 03/17/2019

The following document explains, in accordance with legal requirements, the nature, scope and purposes of the collection and use of personal data and the processing in countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.
The website operator endeavours to ensure that it is generally understandable.

This privacy policy applies to the websites, and their subdomains, all prior to and

When creating these web pages, the site operator attached great importance to a data protection-friendly implementation.

The necessary data that is directly required for the provision of the website include:

  • IP address and port of the visitor accessing the website
  • the address (URL) the visitor wants to access

In addition, many web browsers send unsolicited and unsolicited additional information, including the identification of the web browser (user agent), the page from which the visitor reached the target page (referrer) and any cookies created in the web browser that have been assigned to the above-mentioned web pages / domains.

The site operator collects the following information for statistical purposes in anonymous form:

  • an anonymous identifier, which is formed on the basis of the IP address of the visitor and the identifier of the web browser (user agent) via SHA1 hash. This serves the purpose that multiple page views by the same visitor are not counted multiple times.
    the page called up

  • the language version of the page used

  • the time

  • the identification of the web browser (user agent) in order to record whether the call was made by a bot / spider
    if transmitted, the last page accessed (referrer)

Beyond that no further data of the visitor are raised or processed with regular view of the side. These data are summarized in regular intervals (at least after 24 hours), so that no conclusions about the user are possible afterwards.

If the visitor's browser sends the standardized HTTP header "DNT" (Do not track) with the value "1", the statistical survey is omitted.
This header can be activated in the settings of all common browsers.

Comment function

When using the comment function, the following data is generated:

  • the requested page
  • the language version of the page used
  • the time when the comment was written
  • the specified name; this may be a pseudonym
  • if specified, the user's e-mail address; this information will only be displayed to the site operator in order to enable subsequent identification of comment writers if deletion of the data or a reply is requested
  • the written comment

Comments are checked manually by an automated, local spam protection system as well as by the site operator and displayed after an appropriate activation. They are stored indefinitely; for technical reasons, subsequent deletion is only possible by providing the e-mail address, in order to ensure that only the original commentator can request deletion. It is also possible to retrieve these data in the context of a request for information, provided that the commentator can identify himself accordingly.

Data transfer with other service providers

The site operator uses the services of the hosting provider netcup, based in Karlsruhe (Germany). Netcup is responsible for providing the server on which this website is delivered and for handling the data traffic. This ultimately means that Netcup has access to all data transmitted between the site operator and the visitor to the website. Netcup uses the services of other, third parties to fulfil its contractual obligations.

When writing comments, the user has the possibility to agree to a comparison of his hashed e-mail address with the Gravatar service of Automattic. In this case, a comparison is made at regular intervals with the avatar stored there for the e-mail address. The profile pictures are temporarily stored and delivered by the site operator, so that no information about this service flows when the site is visited. As a result, the update of avatars is delayed. If this comparison is not approved, a neutral avatar is assigned to the user.

E-Mail contact

Please understand that I archive e-mails for approx. 10 years. This includes the complete email including any metadata. If you would like to object to this, simply send a short e-mail to the e-mail address given in the imprint or a side note in an e-mail to me. On request, I will gladly delete mails that I have received from you or send them to you as part of a request for data information.


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