An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

I think knowledge is important. And I think knowledge is nothing exclusive. Unfortunately, nowadays the barriers to acquiring knowledge are supposedly quite high. Libraries are regarded as uncool and are only regarded as a treasure trove of knowledge to a very limited extent, because if it is not a university library, knowledge is often limited and unfortunately outdated. For some reason, knowledge has become something bad. Terms like "know-it-all" and "smart aleck" have very negative connotations - but I personally would like to be corrected, because it is a possibility for me to learn more.

For this reason I created the xi-intersection and strive to share my knowledge with the world - in the hope that the world will give me something in return. Granted, I don't know that much. But I am convinced that this intention is a good one.

I deal with many different topics; the most important to me personally are programming, computer graphics and game development, but also networks, IT security, photography and video games are among my interests.

Due to the variety of topics I have divided the site into a tree structure:

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Photography is a hobby of mine; I use it to switch off, empty my mind, focus and perceive my world. The fact that a perhaps useful photo comes out every now and then is pure coincidence, in fact it's waste products - but I still give them a place here.

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Photos, which I took in 2011

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You're programming or you want to learn? This category could be interesting for you!

Data Formats and Reverse Engineering
In this category file formats are explained.

Graphics programming - 2D
In this column I explain different basic techniques, which are the basis of 2D computer graphics.

In this category you will find essays on different topics.

Experiences with Hosters
The following article series shall show my personal experiences with different hosting services. In the course of time I have tried out many providers, some of them - partly due to dissatisfaction, partly due to lack of need - I have left again. Disclaimer: However, I can only refer to what was - it is quite possible that points of criticism may no longer exist today!

Where are we going?
Long time I had it in mind. For months I worked on it, built prototypes - and rejected them again. But what do I want?